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  • Paul

    May 3, 2022 at 11:29 pm

    It’s definitely all about human connection, Paul, especially if they’re working remotely. Don’t let “new employee orientation” on the first day end your focus on their onboarding journey. I always recommend touch-base meetings at Days 30, 60, and 90. New hires typically have lots to share, and your caring approach will go a long way in helping them feel appreciated and respected.

    Besides the basics of, “How’s it going so far?” ask if they’ve had any surprises along the way or need to pivot for any reason. Find out who’s been most helpful to them, or better yet, assign a “buddy” to see them through their first 90 days. (That’s good for the new hire and even better for the buddy, as it sets the buddy up to become a people mentor and stronger leader.)

    After formal touch-base check-ins on Days 30 and 60 with either their boss, department head, or HR, ask them to prepare for Day 90 by setting one or two simple goals to carry them through their sixth month. But here’s where the rules change. . .

    “Going forward and starting on your sixth month, I want you to schedule the meeting with me and set the agenda.

    “I’ll want you to focus on finetuning your goals and sharing more about your own needs and ambitions in terms of career and professional development.

    “And I’ll ask you to share thoughts on codifying your achievements and accomplishments. I can help you attach dollars or percentages to your accomplishments, but I’ll want you to go first. At that point, I just want to serve as your mentor and coach and strengthen your achievement mindset.”

    It’s that simple. Treat adults like adults and simply make room for them to motivate themselves. They’ll appreciate your gift of selfless leadership more than you know, and you’ll strengthen that personal connection that works like the glue to keep people bonded to you and your organization. Besides, it’s fun and it feels good. What could possibly be a better use of your time?!!!