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Our Way

Simple to follow, intuitive & proven path to creating the best place to work for your team

The HR Success Cycle

You know that a well-designed and high-functioning Human Resources function is vital to the success of your organization.  

And you’re committed to developing your HR team (maybe you are the team) into a group of professionals who can make a kick-ass plan… implement the plan… measure the results… and earn the respect of your leadership… that allows you to then continue building your organization into the BEST place to work.  

But HOW? By following the HR Success Cycle. 

At its core are the three pillars of HR that we all want to improve: People, Culture and Operations. And the process of improving them requires the ongoing practices of Planning and Alignment. 

Human Resources Diagram

The Three Pillars of HR


The primary role of HR is to attract, motivate and retain the best possible talent. We will help you create an amazing employee journey that improves your:

  • Hiring
  • Onboarding
  • Training
  • Performance Management
  • Compensation & Benefits
  • Employee Relations
  • Offboarding

Nail down all or most of these things, and you’ll become an employer of choice in this insanely-crowded talent market. Read more…


Culture is the glue that binds your team together. HR Campfire guides you through these key elements of culture building:

  • Mission, Vision & Values
  • Workplace Ethics
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
  • Team Building & Fun
  • Wellness
  • Branding

Never underestimate the importance of creating and maintaining a healthy and supportive working environment…and communicating that value both internally and externally. Read more…


It’s vital that you improve your department’s ability to execute effectively, efficiently and consistently. Get innovative advice on building and maintaining these parts of your HR engine:

  • HR Strategy
  • HR Finance
  • HR Process
  • HR Technology
  • Employee Communications
  • Safety
  • Employment Law

Executing on the operational elements of your job done right, let’s you can focus on the fun part: People and Culture.  Read more…

Two Critical Practices that Support the Three Pillars


Most every success starts with planning. That’s why the HR Campfire Success Cycle will help you use one or more of these four planning steps at just the right time:

1. Assess your organization’s needs

2. Research best practices

3. Develop a plan with goals and metrics

4. Track your progress

Once the planning phase is done, your HR initiatives will have the best chance of success ever. Read more… 


To always be in alignment, HR Campfire will help you:

1. Gain management buy-in

2. Analyze team feedback and metrics

3. Adjust the plan

4. Earn ongoing support


You’ll use your plan to ask for support. Then you’ll use your success to earn more support to create even more plans, and launch more initiatives. Read more…