Our Why

Our Why

We are building HR Campfire to give a new generation of human-centered professionals comprehensive resources and community support they need to build strong teams, winning culturesand thriving organizations.

Somewhere along the line, HR lost its focus on creating the best workplaces for the least risky workplaces. Where we work, how we work, and whom we work with are essential parts of making us happy. The ”Great Resignation” is not caused by the pandemic but by people having lost their connection to the workplace and losing trust. 

"We want to make every company the best place to work" - HRC Vision

Only by nourishing people and connecting them to an organization’s mission can an organization expect to achieve its goals.
We are inviting you to join our campfire. It is where we can share our stories. It is where we can be real and support each other as we grow our organizations. 

Our Values


Do What You Say


Be Real

Human Connections

People First


Include & Invite


Glass Is Half Full, Really!

Termeh’s Story 

Once, I was hired as the product manager at a 10-person start-up.  As the only non-techie on the team, everything HR ended up on my plate. 

Not only did I have no idea what I was doing, but more importantly, I didn’t know what I didn’t know.     

It would have been so much easier if there was a resource focused on the accidentally designated “HR professional” in a smallish organization with limited free time and virtually no budget.    

But most HR resources are targeted towards larger companies, places with plenty of processes, support teams  and A BUDGET set aside for HR operations. 

That’s why I’m excited to launch HR Campfire. Work is about people, success is about people, and HR is the glue that binds a company together.   

So, here is to the awesome HR managers of small but growing companies, the accidental HR heroes, the new business owners trying to do it all, and everyone who wants their company to be the best place to work. Let’s do this together. 

Phil’s Story

My family and I have been publishing HR advice since 1987, yet our 75-person company never had a robust human resources function of its own. It’s like the cobblers’ kids had no shoes.

We always had one of our accountants spend part of their time wearing the HR hat… running payroll… managing health insurance and the 401(k)… doing a basic job of onboarding new hires… being the occasional shoulder to cry on… but not much else. Sound familiar?

And because HR had always been part of the accounting function, it reported up to the CFO. It was about numbers and cost savings primarily – not people!

The CEO or COO (me) was rarely involved in HR. That sent a message to the team, and it wasn’t a good one.

So, starting in late 2021, I made a promise to myself. And now I’m making it here for all our team and all the world to see… we will develop the best, PEOPLE-FIRST
HR program that a smallish business has ever had!

Rose’s Story

Having graduated college and joined the professional world right as COVID was starting back in 2020, my work experience has consisted of compromises, pay cuts, short-staffed teams, making do with less, “stepping up”, and so on.. all motivated by the fear of not affording rent. I discovered the endless job openings that exist in the veterinary field and made a temporary home for myself working at animal hospitals as a receptionist. This was all while pet sitting and being a visiting caretaker in my “off” hours for additional income. The unlimited OT that was sold to me as a plus was a veiled trap that stemmed from being constantly short-staffed. There was no HR or clear leadership chain. “Management” was senior employees who stretched themselves thin training, managing, and coordinating their own departments with no corporate recognition or pay increase out of necessity because “someone had to do it”. I worked with survivors, and our motto was “keep calm and chemo on!”   

After two years of making it work, I became a part of the Great Resignation Team. Termeh and Phil found me with my resume in hand and the need to make a difference. They told me about their dream of HR Campfire and turning HR on its head. Through accessibility, upskilling, mentorship, genuine two-sided conversations, and ultimately the dedication to being the change we want to see in the world. I found myself a cause to fight for.  

My goal is to empower the people who are wearing all of the hats and doing the heavy lifting day in and day out. To guide those amazing individuals who are striving to do more than just survive. I want to share what I have learned from my past experiences and foster a better culture to work in.